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Holding Hope

About Holding Hope:

Holding Hope Bags was created to help women in vulnerable communities around the world become architects of their own lives. Each bag tells a unique story of empowerment. All bags are either handmade or ethically sourced following fairtrade guidelines.  Many bags such as those from Freeset were made by women rescued from human trafficking mainly in Cambodia and India who are now supporting their families through their small business.

Wish Them Well bags are completely unique as they are not only made from recycled materials, but 100% of the profits of the bag sales go back to building fresh water drinking wells in small villages in Togo which is a small country in West Africa.  Wish Them Well Togo is a local non-profit in Montgomery County, PA. It was started by Amina Capaldi, a native of Togo who has been working tirelessly for two decades to increase the quality of life of people in her home country.  Learn more about Wish Them Well on their website: www.wishthemwelltogo.com

About the Vendor: Tiffany Dillon:

I was born and raised in the Doylestown area and truly love my town. I was a local elementary school teacher for 22 years before transitioning into my current position as an education consultant helping school students build leadership and character education skills. About a decade ago, after travelling extensively to third world countries, I could not stop thinking about how so many women around the world still do not have access to basic human rights like food, water, and shelter and are often sold into modern day slavery. At that time, I started looking for organizations that could help women have better opportunities. I started selling ‘hope’ bags at in-home parties with friends. The Mercantile has given me another platform to build awareness and bring fashion to Doylestown!  We all love handbags…why don’t we carry a cause too!

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