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joeyfivecents is a brand of storied jewelry and vintage style created by Susan Forker.

I live and work in Bucks County, PA in a Civil War era farmhouse and barn that provides a sense of warmth and creative curiosity. I draw inspiration from my surroundings – the natural beauty and wildlife that changes throughout the seasons and the sense of history that is inherent to this area. I source local flea markets and auctions for my materials and often find that I’m drawn to things that may not get used right away but have sparked an idea that needs to grow and develop. Digging through boxes of musty antique books and vintage ephemera is pure inspiration filled with possibilities. I thrive on that connection in my work between the past and the present – to incorporate something old that has been deemed ‘not useful’ or relevant and to present it in a modern context that celebrates its original story is what my jewelry is all about.

My handmade work features curated original vintage paper imagery that I cut, seal and preserve in layers of jewelry grade resin in my home studio. Every finished ‘joey’ design honors the stories of the original materials used but presents a new narrative that touches on abstraction and nostalgia while emphasizing reuse and eco-fashion.

Fun fact:
My shop name ‘joeyfivecents’ is borrowed from the 1977 film ‘Annie Hall’. There’s a scene involving ‘Joey Nichols’ and the main character as a boy. Joey repeatedly reminds the boy about his last name which ends with a dramatic slapping of a nickel on his forehead proclaiming, ‘You can always remember my name, just think ‘Joey Five Cents’! It’s a memorable moment from that film – a bit silly and irreverent, but it always struck me as the perfect name for a business!

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