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The Pure Bag

Carry All Bags – Yoga Bags – Backpacks – ZipPockets – XB ZipPockets (Crossbody) – Cinch Bags (regular and mini) – Eye Pillows, and Pure Masks

Stay healthy, germ-free + safe as you venture out to work, school or simply running errands!

This women-owned business led by Lori Gildea was launched in 2018 after she experienced her own devastating health scare. Lori became severely ill from a germ that tracked home on her bag. She felt compelled to take a cleaner and safer approach to germ protection, and founded ThePureBag® with her daughter Jessica to help others. And in the spirit of health and wellness, the duo is working to create healthy products for individuals with an eye on durable and/or sustainable products for the planet.

ThePureBag offers a high-quality, durable and innovative collection of bags and accessories for individuals who want to protect themselves from germ exposure in everyday life.

Our germ-inhibiting and odor-resistant products are made with careful thought and bold, functional designs crafted with healthcare-quality fabric. The material’s embedded silver component serves as a barrier to bacteria, fungus, mold and mildew- inside and out. Along with custom-made antibacterial thread, our bags and accessories defend against MRSA, athlete’s foot and other gross stuff at school, work during travel or daily activities.

We are a Women-Owned Business based in the Philadelphia area with manufacturing in Lancaster County and we proudly source all materials in the United States.

Media and news

Courier Times
It’s in the bag: Doylestown woman designs ‘ThePureBag’ to keep germs at bay after own health scare
Lori Gildea knows that when something bad happens, it can sometimes lead to a good thing.
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