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Vellum St. Soap Compay

Vellum Street Soap Company is a victual apothecary, basically meaning we don’t believe you should put anything on your skin that you wouldn’t put in your mouth. We craft our soap the old school way, using lye. lard (tallow, duck, and goat fat as well!), and love. All of our cold process soaps are made from high quality, food grade ingredients, locally and sustainably sourced, with nothing added that doesn’t have a beneficial purpose for your body. With our founders background as a chef, with a focus on sourcing sustainably and nutritional quality, you can be assured every ingredient that goes into our soaps has been researched and benefits tested, to get you the best possible finished product. Many of our ingredients are procured from local restaurants, excess ingredients that have no further ingredient use in the kitchen, but make wonderful ingredients for soap. We’re proud of our relationships with these establishments, and are thrilled to make them more sustainable by working towards using every part of every animal and plant they bring into their kitchens. Vellum Street is the soap you wished your mouth got washed out with!

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