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Art by Deirdre Doyle

Deirdre Doyle is a Bucks County, Penn. mixed media assemblage artist who uses recognizable artifacts of everyday life and alters them to fit new narratives that are at turns classical and postapocalyptic.

The largest piece on display at the Mercantile is Three Muses, an early assemblage by the artist depicting the rebuilding of the lost city of Atlantis. In this piece figures from antiquity are paired with modern construction imagery and fantastical sea creatures to evoke the mythical city. Deirdre’s work is at turns neoclassical and post apocalyptic, pairing everyday objects with fantastical creatures. She assembles toys, figurines and discarded objects, which in a new cohesive sculpture take on symbolic meanings as building blocks of a mythical world. By manipulating scale, color and context, Deirdre changes the objects’ significance and meaning; and injects mythological stories and allegorical themes. These stories and themes reemerge when a viewer creates their own mythological tale of the work’s creation.

Deirdre’s early inspirations were Andy Warhol and Marcel Duchamp. In addition to Dadaism and Pop Art, Deirdre’s art draws from a wide foundation of sources, including steampunk, temples and statues from ancient Greece and Rome, the creative and disturbing imagery of Hieronymus Bosch, Kurt Schwitters’ assemblages of cast off materials, Giorgio de Chirico’s metaphysical landscapes and distortion of scale, Louise Nevelson’s puzzle-like sculptures, strong women from myths and biblical tales and contemporary assemblage artists Nick Cave and Kris Kuksi.

As a young mother, Deirdre had an affinity for the army men, matchbox cars and happy meal toys her children played with. Viewing these items as iconic and meaningful, she held onto the toys knowing that they would someday be part of her art. Deirdre’s work is also on exhibition at Main Street Gallery in Quakertown, PA, and last year she had a successful solo exhibition at the DaVinci art Gallery in Philadelphia.

2022 Mercantile at Doylestown

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