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Asia Popinska Imagery

Asia /asha/ Popinska is a native of Poland and a trained physiotherapist who moved to the United States in 1996. She practices Buddhist philosophy, through which a deep sense of altruism and sensitivity is reflected in her work.

As a self-taught photographer, she relies on intuition and instinct to capture those fleeting moments to tell stories through her lens. The photographs express her whimsical perception of nature and all the little things people can miss if they don’t look close enough.

“I think I was a photographer even before I got my first camera. I’ve always seen the world in pictures, colors, patterns and movement; in both light and darkness. I see beauty in the unique and imperfect. Many people comment on my photos as being evocative. It’s the biggest compliment I can get, since I express my desires, feelings, passions and sorrows though my images.”

The richness of our visual world is immeasurable. Photography is a language that has no limits, no rules and needs no emotional translation.

I hope to awaken the world within, and to appreciate the gifts we’ve been given to really experience the true magic of the world.

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