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444 – 446 N Main St, Doylestown, PA 18901

D’Andrea Concrete Designs


D'Andrea Concrete Designs

About the owner
My name is Domenic D’Andrea and I run D’Andrea Concrete Designs. All of my work is designed and fabricated in house. Using 3D Cad software to create master versions of my piece, I then create molds that I can cast my concrete recipe directly in to. I wanted each piece to be representative of my design process as well my desired aesthetic, so ready-made molds just wouldn’t suffice. Concrete is a material that I have known well since childhood. I come from a lineage of concrete contractors and have been immersed in the process that goes along with this material, namely casting. Through this tradition I have come to love concrete as a material; its consistency, aesthetic, and ability to elicit a cathartic response, at least for me. Most barely even notice the concrete they are walking on, sitting on, or being supported by in a building.

For my work I want to showcase concrete and the work my family has been doing for 3 generations. By putting concrete in a different context I believe the viewer will be forced to take notice. To do this I decided to use home goods. By taking concrete out of its usual context and creating a more intimate relationship I hope to change the way concrete is viewed. This material is capable of such simple beauty and it is my hope that through this work the viewer will come to appreciate it as I do. In addition, the surfaces are only finished in a way that accentuates the process that was used to create them, flaws and all. I want the viewer, through intimate interaction, to see the true beauty and nuanced aesthetic qualities concrete is capable of.