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L.R. McLean Arts

L.R. McLean Arts Background

Looking out my bedroom window as a little girl, I recall watching a bird in flight dart across the sky…Mesmerized by the movement and grace I would draw that little bird over and over until I perfected it. I am certainly a self taught artist.

Although, I did attend art school for surprisingly something I was encouraged to try for financial means. I quickly learned from my fellow art colleagues that I really was more of a fine artist and didn’t belong in their computer oriented scene. Basically, I’ve been painting, drawing and creating all my life. Since the age of 3 a paintbrush to my hand was more common than any other tool. I appreciate all that life has to offer, as life is Art. New work will be coming soon!

My Medium

What do I use? When commissioned, I like to collaborate and listen to my clients preferences and ideas. Acrylic, pastel, oil, ink, pencil, chalk, watercolor, gauche, almost anything I find alluring with each piece, even nail polish. If it makes a mark, I may be using it. I’ve focused most of my time on canvas, however, I will use glass and wood from time to time. I’ve even been asked to paint onto a large rock on a privately owned property.

My Inspiration

Art comes from deep within my soul. It’s part of me in every way imaginable. Being inspired and driven to create literally flows through me by just about everything I experience. Meaning…What I’ve been through personally and how I feel internally about life, past, present, and future. Many instances bring me to create and at times not at all, unfortunately. Although, that’s part of this beautiful balance between life and art. As art is life when we truly dissect that meaning. Forever changing and always surprising each one of us.

If there is any one thing that inspires me I would say nature, animals and music.

These are that in which I truly love.

2021 Mercantile at Doylestown

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