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Woodhall Turnings


My interest in woodworking began when I took shop class in junior high school and it became a life-long passion. I started turning initially as part of making furniture, but my turning expanded to bowls and vessels. Now, this has become a full-time endeavor.

I work almost exclusively with domestic hardwoods. The primary exceptions are woods that I use for the finials of my urns. I work primarily with wood that is “green” which means the wood has not dried before I turn the piece. It is easier to work with green wood and the wood is going to move to some extent during the drying process. Sometimes it moves a little. Other times it moves a lot and you will see movement in the pictures in the Gallery. Yes, there are pieces that are noticeably oval and others that have a rim that appears warped. This movement occurs during the drying of the piece after it has been turned but before finish is applied. Wood just does that and I feel it is part of the beauty of wooden pieces. Also, each piece is like a snowflake in that no two pieces are identical because the wood grain varies throughout the tree. Also, I turn various pieces of similar designs but the end result will vary as each piece is turned by hand.

Take a stroll through the website and see some of my completed pieces. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have enjoyed making them. I will be adding items for sale in the near future so keep an eye out for the additions to the site.

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