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Wulle Designs

About Wulle Designs

I’ve always had a deep passion for design and art. I grew up using needle and thread and constantly made small crafts. When my children were born, I transitioned my hobby into a small business of making hair clips, binky clips and hand sewn memorabilia. I had dreams and aspirations of doing more, but unfortunately at the time I was entangled in an abusive relationship. My creative outlet was consistently suppressed with frequent criticism and judgement from the person who was supposed to be supporting me most.

I shed that negativity from my life and had to completely rebuild from scratch. Luckily, I found myself in a healthy relationship with a husband who not only supports my crazy artistic itch, but helps along the way. It’s like my life was The Wizard of Oz, going from black and white, to all of the sudden bursting with color.

I choose colors that stimulate my senses and add excitement and joy to my life. It started as a simple hobby that was therapeutic in nature, but quickly gained attention on my social media page. I am a perfectionist (thank you OCD!) when it comes to my crafts and strive to make sure everyone is satisfied with their pieces.

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